Thursday, 14 November 2013

Getting my 'Gladrags' sorted!

This past month has been a frenzy of birthday celebrations (as is typical of October) and exciting opportunities so apologies for the lack of posts! As well as starting a PNE business course (highly recommended to anyone wanting to set up their own business), I've been sorting out some new accessories for the 'Gladrags' fashion show which I will be taking part in later this very evening. The show is a part of Newcastle University's ongoing 'RAG (raising and giving) Week', and this year is in aid of 'Smartypants' AICR (Association of International Cancer Research).

Gladrags tickets

With eight models to dress and less than three weeks to go, below are some accessories which I had ready prepared. They were the end products of my final degree show earlier this year and were exclusively featured at Event Northumbria as a part of Newcastle Fashion Week, and will be included in tonights show. I'm delighted all of my accessories will be modelled with gorgeous bags from local satchel company Lancelot Knight, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them together for the first time on tonight's catwalk!

Up-cycled Swarovski collar with vintage lace

Up-cycled leopard collar

Up-cycled leather collar

Up-cycled hand-embroidered micro-top

In addition to the accessories I'd already chosen, I decided to make slim cuffs to match some of the collars, the image below (which doesn't show the accessories complete) shows my favourite pieces which I later embellished with a few Swarovski hearts.

Matching up-cycled Swarovski collar and cuffs almost complete

From the same blouse (keeping with the up-cycling theme), Victorian-style lace and Swarovski crystals, I made another basic collar which works well with the rest of the accessories and will really dazzle under the lights!

Up-cycled Swarovski collar almost complete

Detail of embellishment/lace on above collar

Finally I decided to create another sleeve accessory the day before dress rehearsals using faux-fur and black cotton lining, which can be revealed by folding up the sleeves. I unpicked the pattern from an old colour-block top and everything was going well until I got to the sleeves, when I realised how tricky it would be to stitch the rest up without exposing any hems. Luckily working in F6.Studios means there is often help at hand, and Tiago Galvao was my pattern-cutting/machinist knight in shining armour, taking it away and working his magic! Now I know how it's done I'll definitely be making more of these, as they are very unique and versatile in how you can wear them. For instance this leopard-print accessory would look lovely layered over an LBD or even a plain vest and skinny jeans, and it's a great alternative to a jacket on a night out!

Completed leopard sleeve accessory at F6.Studios

Back of leopard sleeve accessory

Now with only three hours to go, I'm going to crack on with making myself a lovely ruby red collar for tonight, where I can finally put my feet up, enjoy a glass of wine and of course, be wearing my 'smartypants'!

For more information on 'Gladrags' or 'RAG Week', here are some links:

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Melanie xx

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