Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Late Shows with F6.Studios

In addition to Fashion Front Row, I also took part in The Late Shows with F6.Studios on Saturday, talk about a busy week! We had our 'Night Owl' event on in a specially set up studio with creative photographer Jon Meikle taking pictures, which had a brilliant turn out and was great to the pictures become more elaborate as the night went on...

Lucie and Michael looking dandy on the other side of the lens

Gang of owls!

Cute pic :) masks by Ethan and Michael

A day owl shows her wild side, mask by Stu

We're nightclubbing...masks by Bayly and Stu

 The fashionable couple, masks by myself and Galvan

Galvan, Kahtash and Bayly having a fab time! (mask on right by Dabble Dabble)

The general idea was that each designer-maker created an owl mask in the style of their own work, and visitors were invited to try on their favourites and choose whether they were a 'day owl' or a 'night owl'. The rest of the 'Night Owl' event images can be seen on the F6.Studio blog and Facebook page. Another event of F6.Studios (which I'm embarrassed to admit I almost forgot amongst the chaos) was our very own marketplace. After arriving in the nick of time and hand-stitching the last crystals onto my owl mask in the car (hand-stitching whilst travelling seems to have been a necessity the past week or so, but luckily I've had have plenty practice!), I dashed about collecting collars and cuffs from my display above my desk, and with the generous help of Kate Dunn set up my stall with a couple of Helen's vintage tablecloths she'd managed to dig out. It was a great opportunity to meet everyone properly and sell some bits of work, and hear what their plans were and where they had visited so far that night. It was also really nice to see everyone's work together in the same room ranging from fashion and urban art to a variety of printed work.

T-shirts by Ethan Clothing and artwork by Regina

Katie Prints selling her work

My girly-vintage stall

Simone on behalf of Dabble Dabble

Simone with Dabble Dabble prints

Gorgeous dress by F6.Studios for NE1'sNFW and Stu Borbjerg artwork

Artwork by Bobby

The lovely Kate trying on the 'Blue China' collar and cuffs

More outfits from F6.Studios Collaboration for NE1'sNFW

After being on the stall for since doors opened, I spent the last hour having a look around to see what else was on at Commercial Union House. I spent over a good half hour in our owl area at F6.Studios, tried on my owl mask (couldn't resist...) and tried to direct the by then merry crowds in our direction, who weren't too difficult to persuade... I also had a quick 20 minutes to dart between another couple of floors, B&D Studios on floor 3, which included a beard shave-off for 'Everyman' charity, live tattoos and artwork, and also Ampers and Interventions on floor 4, which had a great mix of innovative artwork including a vibrant exhibition by Jen O'Neil.

The Candy Vortex

Art piece by Jen O'Neil

Art piece by Jen O'Neil

Traditional Chinese script
Cabinet of pocket treasures by JP

Unfortunately it really was a quick dash as living in the middle of nowhere (otherwise known as Rowlands Gill), my last bus was a lot earlier than I would have liked. It was a great night with plenty to see, and everyone who visited seemed thoroughly entertained!

The past few weeks have been rewarding, exciting and a bit of a whirlwind, but it's also a bit of a relief to be able to take my foot off the gas a little for now. There is still plenty to look forward to this summer, including a shoot of my tailored basics with the gorgeous Kayleigh Falcus and Lauren Marshall for ASOS Marketplace, a shoot with Tallulah Love and Dimesso Designs to show off our stunning Fashion Front Row showcase, and an exciting street catwalk arranged by F6.Studios! I'm also delighted to now be selling with new local online boutique Dainty Lou (focuses on beautiful pieces handmade in Britain so is a real privilege) and eagerly awaiting my copy of this months Darkus Magazine (we're actually in print!), which includes exclusive features on our Lane 7 shoot with Ellen Rachel, Kitty Quinzell and Maximillion Makeup and Hair. I'm off to make some more tailored collars for the ASOS shoot (starting with a delicately embellished 'Cupid' collar in a lavender crepe), will post more on that shortly.

Melanie xx

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