Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Beautiful Sparkling London

This post is just a quick one to share the treasures I come across at the V&A Museum this weekend. We went to London to see The Libertines at Hyde Park, which was well worth the ten-year wait, went on a midnight wander past Big Ben, the London Eye and back up past Buckingham Palace (feet were so sore by this point!) and caught some of the Wimbledon final at Duke of York Square!

Waiting in line to get our books signed

It would have been rude not to have dropped by the V&A whilst in the area, so I had a quick look around before catching up with my friend watching Wimbledon. With my increasing interest in travelling to Nepal someday, I wanted to see some of the statues and artefacts from this beautiful Buddhist country. I immediately gravitated towards this gilded copper statue of Bodishattva Avalokiteshvara studded with semi-precious gemstones, which was made by Newar craftsmen for Tibetan patrons, and the statue originally held the stem of a flowering lotus in the left hand.

Bodishattva Avalokiteshvara

Bodishattva Avalokiteshvara

It wasn't long until I found myself in the fashion gallery, which featured stunning works from 1750's to the present day. With my love for embellishment and embroidery, and being a bit of a magpie, I was bowled over by the intricate designs as I came in from the left. The virginal yet opulent ostrich feather designs on a Balmain gown, carefully entwined encrustations on coral shoes by Roger Vivier for Dior, a heavily decadent purple creation by Rébé, more gorgeously embellished shoes by Roger Vivier and a gothic lace and crystal choker necklace by Dior all dazzled under the show lights.

Pierre Balmain

Roger Vivier for Dior


Roger Vivier


I left with too many books (I only ordered some online a few days previously as they have an amazing 70% of sale!) and not enough pictures, though feeling inspired to make a solid start on some special hand embellished and embroidered pieces! Will post more on the embellished project soon...

Melanie xx